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Thank you for visiting our website, We sincerely welcome all members of the Woochang Electric Industry family.

In modern society, various energy sources and chemicals are being developed and used along with the development of high-tech industries. As a result, explosion prevention and electrical explosion prevention measures are required.

Established in 1984, Woochang Electric Industry Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing and researching only explosion-proof electrical devices to prevent industrial accidents such as explosions and fires that may occur at industrial sites based on various technologies and experiences of more than 40 years. We are leading the development of the electrical explosion-proof industry.

Our company prioritizes explosion prevention and safety rather than immediate sales and operating profit, and strives to develop products that guarantee user convenience and reliability as explosion-proof electrical devices.
In addition, we have been certified by the International Explosion Proof Electrical Commission (IECEx Service Facility), and through this, we perform repairs and maintenance of explosion-proof products that have already been installed and are being maintained.

In the future, we will do our best to develop and produce better products for the sake of customer companies' zero-accidents.

thank you.

All members of the Woochang Electric Industry family

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